We’ve all seen it, the latest Instagram update which has brought back a chronological feed! This is something that users have been asking to come back ever since Instagram first switched the algorithm.

What’s it all about?

There are now 3 different feeds;

Following: This is basically all of the accounts you are following in chronological order.

Favourites: You can ‘favourite’ accounts so that their posts show up here. They will also be shown in chronological order but this feed is hand-picked by you for a more tailored scroll. Each user can select 50 favourites.

Home (default): The home feed is just like before, it is all based around the algorithm, showing you posts that Instagram thinks you are most likely to interact with. It will now also show more recommendations here – which is great for businesses! It means that if your post is doing well, it’s more likely to show up organically on someone else’s feed.

What does this update mean for businesses?

With Instagram’s chronological order being back, users can have more control over their feed and can start interacting with accounts they follow but that simply weren’t appearing on their feed previously. Great news for business owners! It is now more important than ever that we ensure we are posting regularly so that we stay in view – that being said, you don’t want to over-post and put those users off, so the same rule still stands; quality over quantity.

Tips for business:

  1. TIME. The time that you post is now more important than ever, you want to appear at the top of your followers’ feed, so you need to do some research on your target audience to work out when that time is. Here is where your insights will play a really big role, so use that tool!
  2. Collabs or co-shared posts are another of Instagram’s newest features. These posts let two users share ownership of a single post or Reel, which means that the shared post or real will appear to each user’s followers and will share the same count of likes, shares, and comment threads – more exposure opportunity. 
  3. Use your stories. Now that everyone is focussing on the timing of their posts, it’s likely that a lot of posts will be published at the same time by lots of different users. This could mean that your content is pushed further down your followers’ feed. So now is the time to use your stories, wait a couple of hours after your published post and then post it into your stories so that you are still appearing at the top of the list.
  4. INSIGHTS. it’s imperative to understand Instagram analytics so you can have a clear understanding of which posts are most engaging etc, but with this new update, it is more important than ever to reassess and take note of which posts are least liked or shared, how many taps forward or back do your stories get and what time of day you should post. Keep track of those insights over a week, tweaking as your go, and then look back at them over a month and see whether you need to make some changes.
  5. Losing followers. If you find you are suddenly losing a lot of followers, there are a couple of reasons this might be: you’re posting too regularly – a high volume of posts from one account is too much, especially if they are not high-quality posts, followers will get bored and decide to switch off from you. Or, you could just be finding your community and nailing your niche; you may have had a lot of followers who have been following you for a while but have never interacted or bought from you, these users are now seeing your posts and realising they aren’t interested – this is not a bad thing! You only want quality followers.

All in all, this update is a very exciting one for businesses, even if it means we need take some time to research and tweak our Instagram habits. We have the opportunity to be seen by a lot more accounts – you could gain more followers but it’s important to realise that you’ll also have a better chance of simply being seen by your original followers who had forgotten these pages existed and will be delighted to have a reminder of your business.

If you are looking for more help and support with your social media, check out our website, or get in touch. We are always happy to help.

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